Hello all:
Had every test imaginable plus sleep studies, and was put on 54 mg Concerta after a life-long battle with "cronic fatigue." Yay! it's changed my whole life, but I'm quite concerned about something: I am a fairly light social-drinker, maybe 1 or 2/month, yes, the bottle of Concerta says "no alcohol," my doctor, however, says provided it's been at least 9 hours after taking the med it's out of my system, and a modest amount of alcohol will do no harm. I have never had the intense alcohol affect that I now am getting since being on the Concerta. After one or two glasses of wine I am "gone," lights-out, completely drunk. I am just wondering if anyone can share their experiences and shed some light on what is happening. I just spoke with my doctor and he says that this particular med does greatly intensify the alcohol affect while it's in the system, but 9 hours later should have no affect.
Any and all comments would be appreciated.
Thank you.