Today I took Concerta (36mg) for the first time because according to a screening apparently I have ADD. Now among the side effects I experienced such as feeling hyper, nausea, and loss of appetite for the whole day, the worst side effect was dizziness. I was wondering if this extreme dizziness would eventually go away soon. I'm thinking maybe I just have to adapt to the drug and it will eventually go away however I'd like to get your opinions on this because if it doesn't go away I think might have to switch drugs or just quit medication all together. I am skeptical as to wether or not I have ADD, and if I do I think it's probably a mild form(if there is such a thing). I'm seeing a psychiatrist soon to see exactly what's wrong with my head, and I have a months supply of Concerta to see if it's improved my "condition". I took it before work and I definitely felt more hyper and perceptive of my environment with consistent episodes of dizziness but even though its helped me I felt generally crappy all day, it's a hard feeling to explain and I'm hoping I can adapt to it the longer I'm on it.