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Can I drink alcohol while taking naltrexone. Will the alcohol affect me?

4 Answers

ralphiel65 20 Oct 2022

Naltrexone is mainly used for opioid users. It can be used for alcohol, but using both
over a period of time can be more damaging than good.
Don't believe the fake Youtube videos. Those people have no idea what they're talking about.

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brokethechains 10 Sep 2018

You absolutely can, and SHOULD!!! It took me a year to figure out that you are supposed to take this medication EVEN if you relapse. I used to stop taking it if I relapsed. I recently relapsed and continued taking the medication. Let me first say that I have not taken a drink without ending up in a detox for at least 5 years. Recently I had a relapse while on the medication. I bought 3 high alcohol beverages, drank two and did not drink the 3rd. That in itself is a miracle. I had no cravings to drink in the morning, again, unbelievable. I took my dose that day and then drank the 3rd that night. I haven't drank anything for a week. I did get a buzzed feeling, but it is different. I had none of the accelerated drinking that is usual for me. I drank two, got a slight buzz and then chilled and went to sleep. You don't get the dopamine rush that drives the obsession to drink more. I have long said that AA does not help me.


I have said this to everyone, despite being in AA for 15 years. AA works for a lot of people and it is a great help, but it should not be touted as the industry standard. Lazy, uninformed substance abuse specialists need to think outside of the box. The abstinence model never worked for me. THANK GOD I have found another option. I honestly believe I have finally found the missing piece of my recovery program. I continue AA, but am disappointed that anything less than abstinence is frowned upon. Mental health + AA + Naltrexone is working for me.

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Inactive 21 Feb 2021

I found your answer to be one of the best I've ever read about Naltrexone. Drug company would no longer work with my insurance, so I have recently been taken off Vivitrol and put on 50 mg Naltrexone. Our experience has been similar, especially the AA part. I need help and am considering zoom meetings because the dreadful anxiety going to a meeting is more than I can take. And I used to love AA. But I have become older and quite a bit sicker from alcoholism. I'm glad I found this group at least. I wish you all the best.

everly joy emely 12 April 2016

No. I would highly not recommend it,due to the fact that each person has a different tolerance level. I have no mom due to this fact.

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Delila 2 April 2016

The Naltrexone will lower you tolerance to alcohol and make the experience less pleasurable. You will also experience hangovers more easily. You shouldn't drink heavily whilst taking Naltrexone, but drinking at low levels is 'acceptable'

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