Hello, My names Michael and I've been on Suboxone for about 6 months now. I've remained clean off of everything but the sub, and am currently taking 2-4 mgs a day. I had first started with 8MG of the film, but quickly reduced my dosage to 4 mg and then lowered it to 2mg within the first couple months. Now, depending on the day (and how I feel) I bounce back and forth between 2-4 mgs. For some reason I just don't feel healthy. My sleeping pattern is strange, I either stay up litereally all night till 5-6 am or I'll fall asleep by 9 and sleep 10-12 hours. After sleeping for however long, (i've even tried 6-9 hours) I wake up feeling extremely fatigued. It's a weird sensation that is over my body that litereally feels so heavy that it's trying to tackle me and pull me down. My heart rate is always very fast and I can feel a pulse sometimes in my head. Sometimes I have to hold onto the railing in my shower to prevent myself from falling down... After I take my morning dose, again 2-4 mgs and eat After about an hour I feel perfectly fine. I'm energized, social, and ready to work! I just dread this morning feeling and am worrying that it is causing me health problems, and not letting my body properly recover while in my deep sleep stages (rem). Another weird side effect I have is no weight gain, I eat soo much but I've only gained 15 pounds and that's when I first got clean within my first two months. And one last side effect i'm having is after I eat or about mid day I'm overcome by a strange sensation that makes it extremely hard to concentrate and it feels my mind is lost in a fog, and i have to lay down because I am so fatigued/sleepy. Please can someone help me with this problem! It's been continuing to progress and get worse and it's really starting to freak me out! I just want to be healthy again and start to look better/feel better about myself but this is really holding me back I feel. Thanks again, and any input would be greatly appreciated!