Hello my name is Jay. Basically I have been suffering from anxiety for about six weeks now, I only got diagnosed yesterday. The reason why I left it so long was because I wanted to see if this horrible feeling would go on it's own, this was before I knew it was anxiety. I have been having panic attacks a lot recently. I would be sitting there or doing something completely fine and then out of nowhere my head feels dizzy like I'm going to faint, I feel light headed, my vision goes funny, my breath shortens, my mind loses all focus and I am panicking. This will go on for about 5-10min and then slowly fades away leaving me nothing but exhausted and low. I continuously have this numbing pressure at the front of my head and around my eyes and the bridge of my nose. It is continuous. It makes me feel even worse about myself, I feel detached from myself like I'm not even here and it is so scary. Like for example I went to my Boyfriend's family BBQ last week and it felt like I wasn't even there and I Love my Boyfriend so so much. It felt like I was someplace else as well as being familiar with everyone and everything. I could be there eating and it feels like I'm not eating. I could be talking and it feels like I didn't even say a word. Normal stuff like showering, being in my own room doesn't even feel right to me, like I constantly have to remind myself where I am at all times. I was at work speaking, walking and on the computer but it doesn't feel like it's me at all. I was at my Mum's friend's hairdresser today to get my hair done. I spoke to my hairdresser and it didn't even feel like it was me having the conversation as much as I could hear her and myself speak and feel my mouth move. It's like my brain can't make the connection and it breaks my heart. I feel like my memory is on stand by, I am being forgetful of stuff that I am usually on point with, I feel completely confused. When I got diagnosed the doctor gave me some Propanolol to try and I am going into my second day taking it, I researched it before I took it and I heard a lot of positive feedback from it but I am so scared right now and I am praying for guidance. Somebody please help me, please.