It may be kidney stones, or a kidney infection, or something infinitely more serious. Please, never ignore this type of pain?
These eejits at my local Urgent Care are truly stupidos!! I should have gone to ER, but nooooooooooo, I just didn't want to interrupt my hubby's routine today, so my local (middle of nowhere!!) Urgent Care it was!!
They didn't even do an x-ray nor a scan for kidney stones!! Sent me home with Bactrim and something for nausea called Ondansetron 4mgs.
Dunno if these meds will help or not, we shall see...
If they DO NOT work I shall go to ER for some REAL doctorin' !!
Yup, REAL DOCTORIN'!! These people got thier med licensces at K-Mart!
I knew more than they did!!! OK, enough of my BS, how all of you doing?
Love you guys!!!
Lara (sweet lemon)