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I'm trying to pass 2 kidney stones should I use a heating pad on my back for pain?


kaismama 11 Oct 2013

You can do that. It might help. Flomax can help too, it relaxes the muscles and sometimes makes it easier to pass the stone. I know this can be torture so you want it out asap. Drink allot of fluids too, wash it out of there.

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ShanMan72 28 Oct 2013

I have 3-4 stones per year, no matter what me and the doc to as preventatives... mine are oxylate stones... look like brown sugar. The last was 9.5mm and surgery was required... I
have scar tissue in both ureters and larger stones will catch just at the last bend into the bladder..flomax, as kaismama said, does help a lot... as a matter of fact, i had one release from the kidney today but it has been tolrable w percocet so far... good luck w your male 'labor pains' free discount card

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