I am 27 years old and a single mother of two. I also work in daycare full time. Needless to say my life is spent bending and lifting. Well, last year in October I was diagnosed with sciatica and the cause of it was a herniated disc. My right foot and leg are numb and my back has severe pain. I don't sleep and can barely function. I have done injections and tons of physical therapy and nothing has helped. My doctor says in my right leg I have lost all reflex action and could lose mobility permanently. He wants me to talk about surgery. I do NOT want surgery. I have heard horror stories and the fact that your pain will just be worse when the surgery is all done. I do not want to live with even more pain but I do not want this pain. Any advice? Anything that you tried that helped? I do not want surgery! I will try anything first. I just want some relief and to live a better life! Please help