... Pending a third spinal fusion, my doctor prescribed a Medrol Dose Pack, which really helps minimize the pain. However, after finishing the Pack, the pain returned. Additional MDP prescriptions were provided and, after each runs out the pain is overwhelming; I just received my 4th? 5th... Question is about dosing (AND the wisdom/lack of taking these titrating packs concurrently. Q- Since the Pack begins with 6 pills spaced out over the day, with the # reduced by one each day over 6 days... when I get a new prescription, does it make sense to begin the whole titration regimen again? I feel like I should just take a couple of pills each day until they run out... they would last a little longer (I'm told to quit taking 5 days prior to surgery but, following the titration on this last pack, I'll have about a 9-day lag time of intense pain before surgery). What's the best way to use these to keep the pain at bay until 12/15? Or is continuing this Up/Down titration unwise? Or should I not be taking concurrent prescriptions at all? Concerned about side effects.