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I have heard that Tramadol is very hard on the kidneys; I have frequent UTI's?

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kaismama 21 Apr 2012

While it advises caution if you have kidney impairment, there is nothing in the resources that points to causing it. UTIS of themselves are just a case of bacteria in the bladder, and is not caused by a medication. Women, particularly, because of anatomy are prone to bladder infections.

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balbanese 22 Apr 2012

All pain meds are tough on the body, especially the digestive system, liver, kidneys etc.

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Delila 22 Apr 2012

Hi, studies have been conducted about the connection of Tramadol and UTI's.
It seems that it is more likely for UTI to occur when taking Tramadol for a short period of time/just starting the medication.

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Delila 23 Apr 2012

I added a link to the study results but I think administrators deleted it???

Inactive 22 Apr 2012

I found the information below on Tramadol that may help you;

Menopausal symptoms, urinary frequency, urinary retention, urinary tract infection (1% to less than 5%).

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Adeline 22 Apr 2012

I also get frequent UTI's. I also have Kidney stones, so when I am in the hospital, they will not use Tramadol for my pain because they said it is harder on your kidneys, especially for people who already have issues with there kidneys.

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eddiej333 7 Jan 2017

I take two 50 mg tablets in the morning for back pain, do to two back surgeries about 8 years ago.
That is all I take normally. Sometimes more when the pain gets worse, but never more than four a day. Is there a problem?

Cathy 5713 29 Dec 2017

I take it daily and have problems urinating. I eat cranberries to eliminate the urine pain I experience. I know it is the tramadol thast causes it. However i do not have a uti. Just pain agyet urinating

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