I recently developed an allergy to hydrocodone. I break out in intense itching throughout my entire body. I also had an allergic reaction to dilaudid after they gave it to me in the ER - I again broke out in intense itching throughout my body and my face swelled up. I've had two reactions to Demerol (although I've taken it many times after surgeries with no problems, and the Dr. initially thought it was a reaction to Bactrim). One time I was in the recovery room from surgery and again broke out with the massive itching and difficulty breathing - they gave me a shot of benadryl which cleared it up. The other time I was home recovering from surgery - again the whole body itching, red blotches, my throat swelled and closed up and I could hardly breath. They said I almost went into anaphylactic shock. We were able to get to the ER in time and they shot me up with something that stopped the reaction. I have constant severe pain due to my multitude of medical problems and have developed a high tolerance for pain. I only take pain medication when the pain is so bad I just can't take it anymore. Most pain medications make me nauseous, bitchy and irritable, and give me horrible headaches - so I take them as little as possible. I need to know a good, very strong painkiller I can take when needed. Ibuprofen does nothing for my pain - even when taken in a higher dose. I've tried tramadol and ultram, but they make me sick and don't do much for the pain either. Darvocet, Norco, and Vicoden are also out as the generics of them are also hydrocodone. Most likely anything with codeine is out as the pharmacist said I'm probably allergic to it as well. What else can I take? Addiction level of the medication should not be an issue as I do not abuse my medications and only take pain meds when absolutely needed and only for a short period of time.