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What pain medications are available in liquid form?


Delila 18 April 2010

You can also get anti-inflammatory pain relief in liquid form; ibuprofen, and also codeine in liquid form as well as many paracetamol liquids

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Buddy1971 18 April 2010

Dilaudid,metadone,morphine,Demerol & some not do strong ones I don't know. Hope it helps.

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Buddy1971 18 April 2010

I meant methadone not SO strong ones,also even though I'm prescribed dilaudid(hydromorphone) I spelled it wrong,sorry.

Marie24709 18 April 2010

Hi Buddy,
I take Morphine 60mg and I also take Vicodin 10/660mg,for break through pain and I still have chronic pain.Methadone did not work for me at all. Dilaudia and Demerol also worked well but just like the Morphine, there is an adjustment period, and that can be bad.

Buddy1971 18 April 2010

I used to be on 100mg morphine ER,but found that diluadid(that's the correct spelling works better,I just have to take 2 8mg 4x a day to control the pain. I've had two c-1 -c-2 fussions 4 yrs ago & am still a wreck. If my neck wasn't dangerously unstable I would have passed on any operation. I was a very athletic person,now I lay on my couch all day. No fun.

christineATU 18 April 2010

Marie... the 650mg of asap is reeking havoc on your liver. I too have chronic pain due to a shattered L-1 L-2 and more surgery to come. I am only suggesting that you might want to ask your doctor to increase the ms contin (60mg is very low) so you could take less of the harmful bt med. Good luck on reaching a pain free day!
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