... have had at least one of these spasms during a severe gerd attack. But due to also having been diagnosed with costochondritis (inflamation of the cartalidge in the ribs) I cannot tell if I'm still having mild spasms. All these issues happened after the severe gerd attack. I take PPI's and have no cardiac issues. Due to stomach issues they didn't want me to take anti inflammatory meds, but the costochondritis wasn't healing so I had to start taking them anyway. I finally think the costo is getting better. But I would like to get off the Baclofen cause I think it's causing me some mild but annoying unrelated issues. I also have episodes where I feel like my chest is a little heavy and I have to burp but nothing will come out. It is very uncomfortable and unnerving but it does ease up within 15 min. Could this be a spasm? And does anyone know if esophageal spasm and costo can be connected? These are questions not being answered by my docs. Thanks for your help