I was just hoping that you might have the answer I am hoping for?
I started taking Gabapentin 300 Mg twice a day, then 3 times a day, then 600 Mg twice a day then 3 times a day, now after 2 to 3 years later 800 Mg 3 times a day.
My Doctor says it won't cause erectile disfunction but it started very soon after the 300 Mg 3 times a day. Tried Viagra and Cialis very little help( Rarely )( My wife is very displeased and sometimes think it is something to do with her.
I know it has nothing to do with her as she is my Bride of 24 years and my Soul Mate Split Apart from The Dialogues of Plato. )
I have very bad pain that the Gabapentin used to help with but it now seems it helps no more.
I would rather have my manlihood back and my Bride be happy and me be in pain that just won't go away.

PS my feet and toe problem started with diabetes A1c of over 12 but now with proper diet and 2 gallons of drinking water each day no fried foods, going from 212Lbs to 165 Lbs, eating plenty of greens and lots of exercise my A1c stays approxamately 5.5.

(To get to the real question is how slowly should I get off the Gabapentin and will I ever be able to get back to normal?) I will have to just have to tolerate the pain now that I have my diabetes under control. I rarely have to take my diabetes medicine but a few times a week because it makes my numbers to low and I black out when they get to low. Usually 82 morning, 92 lunch, and 98 dinner.
Any help will be greatly appreciated,