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Can I use gabapentin 300 mg cap amneal for toothache or tooth pain??

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kaismama 2 Apr 2013

It probably won't help. Things like Motrin our aleve would be more appropriate.

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daisylilicortez 2 Apr 2013

Thank-you for your help:)

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coko420 18 May 2017

Actually gabapentine is the only thing that has helped my toothache, ever. Because it is for nerve pain and I have a damaged nerve which causes the toothache. 800 mg works well..but be careful because it will cause dizziness

Putz12345 29 Apr 2018

I just started taken it for a tooth ace where the nerve is exposed. I took 300 mg and it appears to be helping my pain which has been server at the point of fainting.

Putz12345 29 Apr 2018

I tried ibuprofen like 800 mg. It did nothing for my tooth pain.

rachel75040 18 Nov 2018

I have had a severe toothache for a while now. I have tried every home remedy and nothing has worked. I took 300mg of gabapentin last night and it worked within 15 minutes of me taking it. So I would tell anyone with a toothache if you have gabapentin take it because it works until you can actually get to the dentist. I would not recommend that you take it long term for your toothache.

DzooBaby 2 Apr 2013

Gabapentin is not for acute pain. It is only good in chronic pain and it has to be taken for a while to help. It wont help tooth pain.

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DzooBaby 2 Apr 2013

Gabapentin is actually an anticonvulsant drug that is used in chronic pain. It is not an analgesic.

daisylilicortez 2 Apr 2013

What about if it swelling will work with that?

PepperMandy 30 Jan 2014

Helps my tooth pain. Gabapentin is used for many things including nerve pain. So if your nerves in your teeth are hurting then why wouldn't it help the pain??? I actually just took 2 300 mg tablets for my sever tooth pain and within 10 mins the pain went away. However I already take 2 to 6 a day or more if needed for tendon pain. For the tendon pain I also take a narcotic pain reliever but I did not use the narcotic for my tooth. The fact that I already take gabapentin daily could be why it helped me so fast.

REDWOOD34 1 Nov 2014

i actually have an absessed tooth and was in horrible pain which almost brought me to tears i took a 600 mg gabapentin and 3 tramadol 50 mg and it worked like a dream this is the second day in a row using this remedy and it was almost immediate relief within 15 mins it was bearable within 30 mins i was floatin on a cloud

PepperMandy 1 Nov 2014

Redwood gabapentin seems to dehydrate me fairly quickly especially when I take it before sleep. Keep your fluids (water) in higher doses to keep hydrated. Dehydration is my loopy feeling from it and fluid helps me feel normal. Hope your tooth heals soon =)

whoamitoday 18 Nov 2018

Definitely NOT for tooth pain.

litlbit63cheryl 30 Mar 2014

i have a toothache and inflamation in my gums need to know what i can take. I have gabapentin from a recent knee injury. I also have naproxen will it help?

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REDWOOD34 1 Nov 2014

yes it will take 600 mg gabapentin and a few tramadol if u have them

Anne370 24 Aug 2014

I know it's been awhile, but these posts stay up, so here is my two cents. Gabapentin is primarily used to treat epileptic seizures, but it has an application in chronic pain practices. It's supposed to soothe the nerves, thereby causing less pain. The problem for using it for a toothache is that the dose required for it to be effective for nerve pain takes awhile for a person to adjust to. Most doctors start patients on 300 mg a day, increasing the medication every 3-5 days. At 900 mg ( say 1-2 weeks out), you will still be at a sub-therapeutic level insufficient for the medication to do much good. Gabapentin (brand name Neurontin) only becomes effective at higher doses and is usually at its optimal level at about 2400 mg, depending on person, size, and a whole bunch more. This is NOT medical advice, just responsive to the use of the medication for tooth pain.


At that dose, it's possible the neurontin would soothe the trigeminal nerve pain that is likely causing your toothache (esp if you have a headache, too), but the length of time to get to the necessary dose - and the possibility it may not work at all on you depending on your chemistry - means the medication is not appropriate for tooth pain. For tooth pain, the best pain remedy is a dentist, but if you can't get to one immediately, ibuprofen is typically the best pain medication for toothache pain (for some reason it works better than other NSAIDs). And any NSAID will work better than something like Tylenol because of the anti-inflammatory effect. But if all you can take is Tylenol, it's better than nothing. In some cases, a dentist will give a person who cannot take NSAIDs a prescription for an opioid medication for moderate pain following significant dental procedures (complicated root canal, tooth extraction) to help with the pain. Hope this helps.

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Inactive 18 May 2015

There is a gel that is called: Ora Gel - you can get it at your drug store (over the counter)
this should help. Also, plain old aspirin placed on the tooth and allowed to permeate
the tooth and gum will give relief from tooth pain. Go and see your dentist if nothing
works - he/she will know what to do for you.
Good luck and may God bless you and take your pain away. If you have some liquor
in the house, like bourbon or whiskey you can put this on your tooth and gum - this used
to help me when I was young, very young.
Don't hesitate to see your dentist again, or call him/her and tell them what's going on.

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shaggy85 18 May 2015

Ora gel only works if the pain is being cause by the outside were the Ora gel can actually touch not for pain coming from inside by an abscess tooth. Asprin while it is a quick fix is actually a bad idea because its an acid and will actually eat away at your teeth.

Inactive 18 May 2015

I used Ora Gel for a tooth that was hurting from the inside and it helped. You wouldn't be
using aspirin for a long period of time, therefore it could be helpful.
Good luck.

coko420 24 Sep 2015

actually i have a toothache so bad that i can't even walk without upsetting it, because it's actually nerve pain, gabapentin is the only thing that i've found that helps. you have to take 900 to 1200 mgs, but it does relieve the pain

Inactive 24 Sep 2015


Philip Ray 18 Aug 2017

I never knew putting an aspirin on a tooth would!bring relief. Thanks.

fyarborough 16 Oct 2016

Clove essential oil applied on a Qtip will stop the pain.

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mlk180 30 Apr 2017

Had abscessed tooth, took antibiotics per dentist . Then waiting for root canal. The pain was so intense that I was dosing with highest level of prescription Lortab amount allowed and using heat packs. The nerve pain was going all over my face and teeth, very intense. Then I thought the other doctors gave me steroids when I had a nerve pain in other parts of my body, would prednisone work for the tooth nerve pain? YES YES YES! I took 10 mg of prednisone and within 20 minutes the pain when away, within 3 hours all the swelling in my mouth went down and I could even eat and drink again. I could not stand anything in my mouth for three days prior. I could stop taking ALL pain meds after that. Need only additional 10 mg of prednisone 12 hours later when nerve pain started to act up, but within 20 minutes, went away. No pain meds taken for 23 hours now. I tried all the recommended methods that were listed here and at other information sites and nothing else worked.

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AquaticCheeto94 18 May 2017

I am prescribed 1200/day of gabapentin. My wisdom teeth are coming in and it was the only thing I had in my medicine cabinet to try and it actually worked surprisingly well. I took about twice my daily regimen in one dose so its not something I would do very often but in this instance it did work pretty well. However, gabapentin is something that you have to build up in your system so I'm not sure it would have been as effective had I not already been taking it.

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Mermaid91 3 Nov 2018

Gabapentin didn’t do anything for my tooth pain. However I HIGHLY recommend taking 2 Tylenol and 2 Motrin at the same time. It knocks my tooth pain completely out.

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rachel75040 18 Nov 2018

I have had a severe toothache for a while now. I have tried every home remedy and nothing has worked. I took 300mg of gabapentin last night and it worked within 15 minutes of me taking it. So I would tell anyone with a toothache if you have gabapentin take it because it works until you can actually get to the dentist. I would not recommend that you take it long term for your toothache.

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Kro49 31 May 2019

I realize this thread is old but I just wanted to add a response. Someone posted that gabapentin is only therapeutic at a certain dose. While this is true that dose varies from person to person due to how individuals metabolize drugs via their liver. Every drug is dose dependent upon the individual. Only a genetic test can tell you which drugs you metabolize rapidly, ultra rapid, or slowly and which drugs you may just pass through your system with absolutely no effect whatsoever. This is why some chronic pain patients require much higher doses than what the CDC recommended that general practitioners use as a guideline before sending their patients to a pain management specialist. The CDC very well knew their so-called guideline would be misapplied & weaponized because they were well aware that the vast majority of physicians are/were unaware of liver metabolism and opioids (or any drug), and how therefore opioid pain management must be individualized.


There is NO magical MME/dose that will work for everyone.

Anyways, gabapentin is a drug that works by building up in the system. However, veterinary medicine uses gaba as singular doses or usually for a time of a week or two for acute/"chronic" pain in cats and dogs. So, if you're desperate it may be worth a try. However, I highly recommend doing some serious and in depth research about the dangers associated with gabapentin!! It has done some pretty serious damage to many people as often happens with off-label use of drugs.
For a bad toothache, when unable to see a doc/dentist, you can try clove oil (health food store), salt/water gargle, Advil etc., Oragel, black tea bag soaked in warm water - squeeze out excess water but keep moist - place on tooth & gently bite down. This helps to draw out infections & will calm the nerve pain, and take some curcumin that contains black pepper (but this can take a few days to help).

Best of luck everyone! And remember, gabapentin should be carefully researched so that you can make an informed decision! Just look it up on Twitter to see what others have to say.

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Anointed1273 26 Sep 2019

I know this post is years old but I came across it yesterday in my search for toothache pain relief. Last night I tried gabapentin 300mg alongside 800mg of ibuprofen and am now pain free for the first time in days. My dentist appt isn't until Monday. I was eating ibuprofen like candy to make the pain stop and now today I've only taken one dose of the ibuprofen and that was more precaution rather than let the full pain scale catch me unaware. I hope this helps.

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Whynotmargo 19 Dec 2019

Having diabetes you usually get prescribed gabapentin for nerve pain. Especially once you have ulcers, or wounds from not taking care of your diabetes or just it eating away at your body. So I'm not sure where people are getting that it will not help with nerve pain, because it most defiantly will, it is even prescribed for that exact reason. Also most tooth pain is caused by nerve pain, there for gabapentin will most definitely help! Just do not take to many because you can become dizzy, loopy, and tired. I hope anyone with tooth pain and access to gabapentin does not read and listen to the people who said that it will not help! Thank you have a great day!

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Pdeck 15 Feb 2020

Gabapentin most cases if never taken takes up to two weeks to work . I highly recommend see a dentist than a doctor for it. Tooth could be touching or compressing on a nerve.

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