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Would gabapentin be effective for tooth pain?

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SweetLuck 1 May 2015

Sure seems like it would be since it helps nerve pain but I don't know for sure.

Nattjenta 2 May 2015

Do you already take Gabapentin? If you do it should already help your tooth. The best pain reliever for a tooth ache, or really any transient pain is ibuprofen. (I worked with a dentist for 15 years.) If you don't already take Gabapentin, no one is going to prescribe it for you for a tooth ache. A dentist may prescribe codeine with tylenol for a very short period of time.

SHEsevEN4 10 May 2015

Try Advil' s or Aleve, and see your Dentist, you don't want a absess.

Tony MagicHands 7 Oct 2018

I was already taking gabapentin for shingles, now that one of my teeth has been split/cracked(clean break, right down the middle of the interior facet), it seems to work pretty well for me. It also seems to work well on the nerve pain in my right ankle/foot
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