The first time I took Zoloft it worked wonders for me. Everything that I felt was wrong with me seemed to be fixed, which included depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, apathy and obsessive thinking to be exact. Then due to loss of insurance I could no longer afford it and had to taper off. Everything had been going smoothly for a while on the Zoloft (about 2 years) and since I had no choice but to stop taking it, I thought, here goes. Sure enough the depression and it's buddies came back, and luckily I was able to get back on the Zoloft. This time, however, it never kicked in the way it did before, even when I took a greater dosage than I did the first time. It never occurred to me that the Zoloft just wasn't working anymore until I discovered on several forums that many depression sufferers also had an experience with Zoloft losing it's effectiveness over time. My plan is to go to my doctor and switch to a new medication. I'm mainly pretty concerned that this second time around I have been on Zoloft and never even thought that I might need to switch medications. I assumed that since Zoloft worked the first time it would always work. My question is how many more people have experienced this with their antidepressant? Which one were you taking and were you able to switch to one that worked for you? I realize that different ones work differently for everybody, but all of the posts that I've read in which the drug wasn't effective anymore, it happened with Zoloft.