I have lived in NJ all my life until recently. I moved to the San Francisco East Bay. 6 years ago in New Jersey, I got in a bad accident and ended up needing to go to pain management and physical therapy and everything. They started me on a medication call ultracet which didnt work so I worked my way through other prescriotions and nothing worked until I got to the medication I am on now for Roxycodone 30 mg.. Recently I moved to San Francisco East Bay, and I found a Dr. Out here and got my medication switched over and everything. My question is, is there a way to find out what manufacturer a pharmacy uses for my prescription. I have always taken the Actavis brand of the Oxy HCl, the A 215 Iimprinted ones. When I got to SF Bay Area, I clearly had to get a new pharmacy and my new pharmacy is giving me the Mallinckrodt brand, the M 30 imprinted ones. They are a little bit bigger and therefor harder to swallow for me. The bigger the harder it is to swallow the pill. I have had to crush pills up and swallow them that way etc. Is there a way to find out what brand a pharmacy uses of a medication? Any advice would help.