I have chronic back and neck pain from a car accident a few years ago. My narcotic meds have run out and my pain management dr can't see me until later this month, ( in 2 1/2 weeks ) I'm in a great amount of discomfort. Pain management says they can't prescribe me anything without being there for an appointment and it's the weekend they are closed. My GP won't prescribe me anything for pain they toss it to pain management, and I already went to the hospital and they have a new policy as well stating they can't prescribe me anything due to the fact that I already have a pain management dr. The hospital prescribed me 500mg Tylenol, and a steroids pack. I've taken the steroids before and know they will help but they have to get into my system first! ( so like 2 days until relief) I called the pharmacy to see if I can take Tylenol and ibuprofen together and they said YES but I know I'm aloud 4,000mg of Tylenol a day. The pharmacy said I have to ask a dr how much ibuprofen I can take while taking the 2,000 mg Tylenol. Can anyone please answer this?