I am with a new pain management group and I guess didn't realize how strict they have become about alcohol use. I have been in and out of pain management care since 2003 for chronic pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, back pain etc. Anyway the first time it showed up in my urine the doctor asked me about my drinking and I told her around 2 drinks 2x a week. Which is true. She didn't say anything further, but now I am being put in with the nurse practitioner and she will not reschedule me for my next medication appt. until I see their addiction specialist, who does not take insurance and costs $135. Anyway, I am supposed to go see him tomorrow and I forgot all about it and went to a wine tasting on Friday night. I know these alcohol metabolite tests can go back 80 hours so about 4 days. I have been taking Milk Thistle & Niacin, but don't know if that is enough. Should I try to reschedule my appointment to later in the week. I do not over drink or drink right after taking my pain meds, so I am very responsible about it. I wait 4-6 hours after last dose to drink. I would welcome any advice please? I don't want to get kicked out of this pain group. They have been really good to me until this. Thanks!