I suffer from generalized anxiety and phobias and depression. I have used Citalopram 40mg for 10 years and has helped me, but since 3 years my anxiety came back triggered by work related stress. When things got really nasty I got 7.5mg Mirtazapine prescribed to sleep better. The Mirtazapine certainly helped for sleeping, but have never felt myself since due to brainfog and the sedative feeling. I tried to taper off the Mirtazapine several times but got really anxious every time, even more than before starting it! Since a month I also use Lyrica 150mg, but can not get used to the dizziness and brainfog.

My psych suggested to replace the Citalopram for Cymbalta. Anyone who can share experience on the switch from Citalopram/Lexapro to Cymbalta?