Hi. I've been on Paxil 40mg for nearly a decade now which has helped me get out of a fog but with a recent downturn in my life (under-employment) I asked my doc for an adjunct med. Instead he's taking me off Paxil and putting me on Citalopram HBR (is HBR different than merely Citalopram?) The dosage is for 20mg for both meds until I go 40mg for just the Citalopram. Anyone have any bad luck doing this? Also someone mentioned side-effects of insomnia *and* drowsiness - I don't get it, i.e., why it would be that some would get sleepy and some would find sleep wanting? Finally, I was also curious about sex-drive as I'm single and it's a rarity for me to have/find a partner; I would just as soon not have an increase in desire. Thanks!