Ive been prescribed 10mg citalopram foe ibs d anxiety and depression . I have health anxiety and experience some nausea most days which I know is probably caused by myself being like this although id much rather not be . I was on amitriptyline 10mg at the start of the year I developmed anxiety whilst on this and I dont know what caused it bit its stuck even after coming off ami in september this year. I feel I do need something to help me I have tried counselling and I had the beat 3 weeks of anxiety free and depression free but aomething has caused me to slip up and its back again Im just too scared to atart citalopram as I dont want it to make me sick im emetophobic as I havent been sick in 10 years so the thought of vomiting terrifies me. I have a 3 yr old daughter so I obviously get up and carry on each day because of her because I have to . But leading a life of every day feeling ill and worrying is taking its toll now :( please can someone share their experiences and what helped you so I know I will get better as I feel like im destined to be like this forever :( thanks in advance