I got prescribed these today as a replacement for sertraline as I was on 200mg and all it was doing was making my anxiety horrifically worse. My dosage for this is 75mg once per day.

I took the tablet with some food (some good old fashioned dairylee dunkers and fruit) and felt fine! Then around two hours later nausea hit me like a bitch and I was vomiting around 30 minutes later. I must add that I have an extreme phobia of vomiting. I haven't been sick for at least 5 years possibly because I refuse to let myself. Even being drunk on alcohol I will not be sick, so this side effect was really something I couldn't control.

I'm supposed to take these every day,
so again tomorrow at around 4pm but I'm horrified at the thought of being sick again. Has anyone else dealt with side effects like this from this medication or similar ones?

I'd contacted my GP but the doctor had already finished and so I will have to wait until tomorrow to speak to them again.

(I will add I am taking these for depression and anxiety, and I suffer with mild IBS which may make my stomach more sensitive.)