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Can I take diazepam when I only need it?could it lead with side effect?

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Txnut60 24 Jan 2019

I’ve always taken Benzos after I have a panic attack. I’m thinking about taking them everyday as a preventative. Like you are doing.

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Josh1891 20 July 2015

Hi, I currently take 5mg of Diazepam, 2-3 times a day for panic attacks and social anxiety, which I don't have attacks anymore thanks to Diazepam. I'm 34. I have been on all sorts of anti-depressants since I was 18, to try in treat my social anxiety and panic attacks. Nothing worked. It seemed like none of the Doctors would want to prescribe me a benzodiazepine for my anxiety. They just wanted to shove the anti-depressants at me. Finally a Doctor prescribed me diazepam. I haven't had a panic attack since. And that was over six months ago. I work as a cashier at the dollar tree, thanks to diazepam. I never dreamed that I would be able to face the public. But I'm doin it. I take it on a daily basis just for the simple fact that, I don't know when a panic attack is going to strike. So why would I wait to take it and suffer another horrific and debilitating panic attack. And risk loosing another job. That makes no sense at all.


And as far as any side-effects, I have none other than being sleepy if I'm not active. This is just my opinion from personal experience. Thanks.

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2213N 9 Sep 2013

Hi I know you're asking about diazepam, but I don't have any info on it. I did hear about some of the side effects of it and couldn't resist telling you about Ambien . a great sleep aid that made a big difference in my sleep pattern for the better and you can take it when needed. the only side effects I experienced was very short term sleeplessness and seeing things not there for a couple weeks. my psych actually told me to not take it more than a couple times a week to keep it's potency. not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I hope I helped HOPE!- 2213N

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nova5764 29 June 2013

I have a serious problem, that being that I have to take 50 mg of diazepam at one time to reduce anxiety, 2 or 3 times a week. I have been using this for a very long time (over 30 years), stopped once in 1997 for about a month and developed a very painful ulcer. I ended up buying it on the street and hated paying dealers, and eventually found a doctor that prescribed it - 60 x 10 mg is what he allows, once every 30 days. I am also an alcoholic that has not taken a drink in many years, just turned 60 recently and am very worried about the long term affects of using this over the years.

I don't have any suggestions other than this medication, like all others in it's class, is to be used for short term use only, probably no longer than 3 weeks, in low dosages.

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Delila 29 June 2013

Hi, yes, Diazepam is a PRN anxiety medication. So it is designed to be taken only when you feel anxious/feel an anxiety attack coming on. Diazepam isn't designed to be taken daily/regularly as a preventative measure. It can be habit forming, so you should take it only as needed. You might find that you experience some drowsiness, as already stated, also possibly some dizziness or confusion.

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Inactive 28 June 2013

Yes, diazepam can be taken only as needed, but, if your anxiety level is pretty high, it might be a good idea to take on scheduled basis, so you will have some meds in your system before an attack happens, which will make it less troublesome. How did Dr say to take?? I am prescribed Xanax for anxiety and it works better for me to take every 4-5 hours no matter what. Taking only when feeling anxiouse didn't work for me because ny the time I realized I need med, it took time to work, and didn't work as well. Of course we are all different, the way our bodies absorb meds, etc. I would really put some thought to this. Do you only need it every once in a while, or would you benefit more by having meds on board already. You are the only one that can honestly answer that. Good luck, dear, be well as possible...

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LaurieShay 28 June 2013

Yes, diazepam can be taken as needed. There maybe some side effects like sleepiness, but nothing lasting once out of your system. If taken daily for an extended period of time, it must be tapered off slowly.

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