So i know this may be an easy question to answer but i was recently prescribed it for anxiety and sudden anger outbursts. I have to say i have NEVER IN MY LIFE have had such VIVID dreams. I am just wondering if this if from the drug itself or the effect of the drug relaxing my body enough to concentrate itself into projecting the dream to me.

My girlfriend has told me she wakes up to me having conversastions with people who arent there (obviously because im in a dream). My uncle is now against me being on the drug because i supposidly sat up and started yelling about things very irreivent to anything going on in the room from a deep sleep, then went right back to sleep... I have no recilection of even waking up much less yelling.

So to sum it up im wondering if this drug is related to having vivid dreams, and\or sleep walking\talking?

Personally, i enjoy having vivid dreams, it is almost like being able to be awake 24 hours a day. Its become so obvious to me now that i can recognize when im in a dream, if you can wrap your head around that. Well thank you for reading this and any response would be very much appreciated. Thanks