I've been taking 150 mg of Wellbutrin for the past 7 months, and it isn't enough, and I'm still constantly depressed. Additionally, I wasn't taking anything for anxiety, and recently learned about buspar in combination with wellbutrin. I asked my doctor if I could increase my Wellbutrin dose and add buspar, and she refused saying I could only do one or the other. I opted to add buspar because my anxiety was severely out of control, but now am left with so many questions. First, has anyone had a similar experience and can shed light as to why I wasn't allowed to increase my Wellbutrin dose as well as add the buspar? Second, does buspar help treat depression? And third, does anyone have suggestions as to what to do if my doctors continue to refuse to help me tackle my depression? I haven't been on buspar very long, only about 2 weeks, and I know that's not enough time for it to start working; but I'm a graduating college student with 21 units and a part time job, and really can't waste time experimenting with/ convincing my doctors of this for months when my conditions have such a severe impact on my schooling and focus, which is why I am so desperate for answers. (My buspar dose is 7.5 twice a day)