I have been on Lexapro for like 2 years. Last year Dr. added Wellbutrin to help with depression. Since taking this combo along with meds for bp, pregabalin, magnesium. I'm having a weird side effect. Told Dr. about it 7 months ago. I have been talking in my sleep. I can hear the tv, but not quite asleep. Hubby says I'm talking in my sleep. I am acting out the conversation. In this limbo thing I'm reacting to the "dreams". So if someone offers me something I act like it's nothing but I reach for it. My hands act out whole conversation. Most of the time I know what I'm saying but last night and this afternoon nap, hubby says I chatted up a storm.
I have never ever talked in my sleep until Wellbutrin was added to the mix. Very scary. It's like a two way conversation but it's only me.