Me and my boyfriend had sex, and the condom slipped off inside me, but he pulled out and came on the bed, and the condom came out open end first and wasn’t broken. My depo shots have been on time, and I’m on my second shot and have been for 2 months. We never have sex without a condom, and we want to be as careful as possible. I’ve read that as long as my shots are on time, it’s okay to even have sex with no condom, I’ve read that it’s still possible, and I know there’s always that little chance, but I also know that Depo is a good hormonal birth control. Would I have a chance of being pregnant at all? Or how slim are my chances? A baby is not a good idea right now, and I just want to put my anxiety to ease. I’m diagnosed with panic disorder and generalized anxiety so I need some help, and don’t want to be judged