In 2005 I suffered a bad case of Severe Acute Necrotizing Ideopathic Pancreatits.
They wanted to operate to remove my panceras, but decided I would not survive the operation. Fortunately my temperature began to subside and I'm still here to tell the story.
Subsequent scans showed that 75% of my pancreas was destroyed.

I took Creon for some months, but the side effects were overwhelming.
Agonizing guts pains, regular bleeding from the anus, opening my bowels up to 15 times a day, a complete lack of energy and a general loss of interest in everything.
Having stopped the Creon I felt better, but lost weight.
I'm currently 59kg.

I've been back several times to see consulatans at the hospital (and go back 6mths later) and each time they tell me to try Creon again, but at a reduced dose.
I'm currently taking 5000iu twice a day (breakfast and dinner), however even at this dose I seem to be suffering the same side-effects as I did before and I'm not gaining weight and feeling pretty down.
Is 5000iu twice a day enough to do anything?

I'm reluctant to go back again to see the consultant as he will likely tell me to take 2500iu with each meal and come back to see him in 6 months again.

The only other medication I take is Omeprazole 20mg once per day.

Do other suffer similar effects and have any suggestions?

Many thanks