... five months, I take creon 12000 2 pill every time I eat its seems to be helping in the way that I can digest my food now but I'm still in pain every day my pancreas enzymes look a bit better now at least that what the doctor says they're still elevated just not as bad and my doctor dose not want to give me anything for pain he tells me I'm too young for that stuff I think he thinks I'm just looking for dope I was never a heavy drinker befor and he still ask me every time I come if I've been drinking and every time I till him the last time I had one was a week befor I got sick I know he needs to know but if I drink I'll tell him, how should I go about getting something to help without him think I'm looking for drugs? also I was 195 lbs and 10% body fat befor I got sick I lost 30 lbs in 6 days when I was in the hospital, I started to put some lbs back on after I got out ( the first time (march 2011) ) I went back in the hospital in september 4 days and in december 3 days and alomst again in march thats when I got the creon, I have to keep a strict diet no fat, sugar or preservatives and all organic very low in protein but every time I see my reflexion it makes me want to give up. all I can think about is getting a bacon cheeseburger and a milkshake is there anyway anyone knows of that will help me put on some lbs