... Discovered in a CT scan. First question was how much do you drink? answer maybe one drink every 3-4 months. Dr prescribed Creon 20, took it first day, next am sore throat, same for days 2 & 3 day 4 could not speak and throat hurt really bad. Did not take pills on Sunday, am could speak & swallow. Called Dr - took me off Creon and wants me to go to Houston to have an EUS. I am under the impression that I really need these pills, have lost 34 lbs in about 4 months.Have done lots of reshearch on line - Dr did not tell me much - just that if the pills did not work would want to look again for Pan Cancer. I must admit that I am scared. I have pain if I eat,(or not) pain under ribs and around my back, cannot sit in same position for very long with out hurting and wake up in the am thinking I needed a new mattress, what a way to discover that the mattress is not bad!
I am so confused. For 2 years with no answer.