I take 13 24,000 caps of Creon daily. I've been worked up to this amount over the last few years. My stomach is so bloated & distended, wondering about Creon causing part of this. 4 yrs ago I had pain in upper right stomach. Ultrasound showed a growth in the head of my pancreas. Had my 1st attack of acute pancreatitis shortly after. Long story of tests, Drs, hospital stays, feeding tubes, meds, etc for next 3 years. I'm 5'4", went from 120 lbs to 80 lbs. Thankfully all tests showed the growth was non cancerous. I finally had what my surgeon termed "a very complicated" Whipple Proc. done at the Cleveland Clinic 10 mos ago. He had to remove the head of my pancreas. I'm so thankful that I've not had a pancreatitis attack since. I'm up to 110 lbs & feel great except for my stomach... seems the last 5 or 10 lbs. went directly to my middle, my stomach is so bloated & distended. I tried talking to my GI Dr, he just said "you had a very complicated surgery". I'm wondering if I cut down on the Creon that might help. Guess even after years of taking it I don't really understand what it does.
Thank You!