I am affected by FDA reclassification of hydrocodone and am seeking more info...
I have been taking 10/325 for many years and was caught off guard with recent reclassification, Target Rx not honoring refills. Doctor is 200 miles away.
I do not want to quit taking 10/325 4Xday and positive side affects is it clears up my sinus drainage, too.
I attempted to switch to Tramadol and did not like the affect, and sinus drainage resulted in upset stomach.
I have a fractured C6 and L4 from Rodeo injuries at an early age and have avoided surgery - getting steriod injections every 6 months along with a 6 month refill - which is no longer available.
Is Tylenol 3/4 with Codeine on a lower FDA schedule allowing call-in refills for an alternative/supplement - or can I stretch out a 90 day supply of 10/325 with Tylenol 3/4 w/codeine to make the 90 day supply last 180 days???