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Can I take Co-codamol with Ibuprofen tablets together at night for bad sciatica pain in left leg?


Windchimes123 21 Aug 2016

Hi Harriet,
Co-codamol is a combination of codeine and Tylenol.
ibuprofen is an NSAID -(anti-inflammatory).
For best results, you should use the
in between the doses of

The down-side is that Co-Codamol is not meant for a long -term treatment of a chronic disease.
Each tablet has 500mg of Tylenol . Liver damage will result in 4 gms/day of Tylenol .
You have to stay below 8 tab/day.
Very important ! Be aware also that many OTCs contain Tylenol .

The other issue about your med:
Sciatica is the result of nerve pain (Neuropathic).
You should consider the use of Gabapentin or Lyrica first because they are specifically for nerve pain.
You could take ibuprofen to decrease the inflammation of the joint causing the nerve involvement.
And :
Gabapentin or Lyrica for nerve pain itself.
Personally, I would go with Gabapentin with less side effects and it's cheaper .
Lyrica has big complaints of weight gain and difficulty with weight loss.
Gaining weight is the last thing you need to do to your back.

I'm really concerned about the Tylenol issue if you are taking it every day .

I hope you feel better.
PS - Did you get physical therapy to teach you stretching exercises ? If not, go on the web and you will find what is best for you.

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Harriet Gair 21 Aug 2016

Thank you for this valuable message. I have seen a sport Physio at my health club and he has given me a programme of exercises but pain is so severe at times I don't feel like doing them. Harriet

Windchimes123 24 Aug 2016

Remember bed = death !
My doctor said that to me and now I can't forget it! It doesn't mean I will do them but I WILL feel guilt :)
Even if you do half of the exercises...
You still exercised.
Feel better. free discount card

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