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Can tramadol get you high like opiates?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Does tramadol cause a high if abused?

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ClassicRocker 24 Aug 2022

I have to admit, and have told my wife, that my prescription Tramadol 50mg, when taken with a prescription 800 mg Ibuprofen, I do get, somewhat, high. I'm 73, a fully retired male, and have been taking since Nov 2015. I get 20 per month for OA pain in both shoulders, coming from both being a Diabetic II and having rotator cuff surgery in each. Originally, taking every-other day, but due to the "naggy/aching" pain I get, I take it two days in a row, off a day, and two more days.

After taking, I get a lot of things done during the day, so she knows I've taken a 50mg "T", as we call it now. I literally have no pain in either shoulder on the two days taken. On the day I'm off of "T", I'm not nearly as active.

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Albert Gregory 8 Jan 2018

Do not know

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cephashugo 13 Aug 2017

This drug react differently and is very bad you drink unknown, I saw my friend they only drink for sexual act, it energizes them to stay long on having sex and to loss weight,

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Litlbit56 3 Aug 2017

I am truly disgusted people wanting to know how to get high on this site. These people need to seek help before it's too late. I just had a MRI done because of my lower back and hips. Came back not so good. I just took a 50 mg tramadol. Is there any doctors on here can tell me am I going to have complications from taking 1 or 2 once a day and not everyday just when I hurt real bad and need to get some things done. I have a few left from when I had double knee replacements.

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Coop1 12 Feb 2018

I have been using Tramadol for 5+ years. 50-100mg 3xDailly and they are very effective (in my experience) for lower back pain. I have lower lumbar spinal fractures and pelvic problems. Tramadol dosnt particularly get you high but it depends on your circumstances and how it affects you. If you are in a lot of pain it will ease your discomfort. There is a feeling that the pain is not so important. It’s important to stick to what your doctor prescribes.

If you are not in pain and take them I can imagine you would get a feeling if enhanced wellbeing? As for a pain medication Tramadol are effective. It’s effects are definitely enhanced when joined by Gabapentin which seems to mix well and control pain further.

BlueBerry30 27 July 2017

I know that this thread is old, but I've read just about every comment and I have a little something to say. For all past and future stumblers upon this thread post, Trams will get you a high feeling. I take (when I have a them) 2-3 7.5mg pink lortab ("Qualitest", if that's how you spell it) at one time around 5-6 times daily. When I run out, there is always Trams laying around. I pop like 4-5 Max and I'm rushing and energetic just like the tabs do me, but the euphoria isn't as strong but it's still there and it curves withdrawals. I'm a pill head, ask me anything. P.S.- I just made this account this morning just to answer this question, however I will be answering more interesting question in the future.

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Mafia1105 18 July 2017

I know I'm late on this. I take about 5 percocets a day the 10/325mgs day recently I was changed to 50 mgs of Tramadol but I'm not getting the same buzz how muxh more should I take to get the same effects and should I also take Tylenol with it.

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Julie11 24 Jan 2017

I need to help

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PurpleButterfies 24 Jan 2017

How do you need help Julie11?

Kikie01 21 Dec 2016

I've really appreciated all of the comments and warnings. Off and on for the last year, I've taken Tramadol on a short term basis for a rather unusual problem. I have vocal cord damage that leads to a horrendous cough every 30 minutes ending in gagging, including all night long, leading to 3-4 hours sleep/day. I was in bed 7 months last year because I was so wiped out. Nothing touched the cough until an ENT diagnosis and she gave me Tramadol, which worked wonders. After 8 months of no cough, it's returned, so I've been debating about whether to just get on it 3-4 times a day or wait an take it after the first coughing spell. From what I've read, I think I will do the latter, to keep my dose down. This forum has been very helpful.

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JadeLeon97 30 Nov 2016

i just took two 50mg of tramadol for the first time a little over seven hours ago and im definitely feeling it. my pupils are really small too and i cant sleep even though im tired

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Terry666 30 July 2016


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kimstern 17 May 2013

No. But U must be very careful not to take more than prescribed, it can slow your breathing, or stop your breathing, especially when mixed with alcohol. It can cause drowsiness.

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gherryt 30 April 2013

I have been taking Tramadol (50,g) for arthritic pain for about 20 years. They usually give me a feeling of well being and I become talkative but not anything that would be deemed as "high." I have never been impaired in any way by taking them. Large doses did cause a "buzzy feeling."
I have found them to be moderately useful for low level chronic pain. I have been recently taking them with generic tylenol which seems to significantly improve their effectiveness at pain control.
I recommend strongly that you follow your doctor's instructions and let him/her know of any side effects you may experience.

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jeffreypaullucky 27 April 2013

I have taken tramadols for almost 6 years you can not get high taking them. My system had to get use to taking them. If that is a buzz you should try Amitriptyline I started taking 25 mg working up to 75 mg in about 2 weeks these will knock your out cold if you take 75 mg to start off with it might kill joke. Come on people please dont label a good pain killer as a narcotic when its not even close. I suffer from extreme pain I take 4 different meds to try and manage my pain level. When I have taken 7.5 Hydrocodone for a tooth infection I could have gone dancing all night my pain was gone now thats a strong drug.

please keep it real folks.

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kad2866 27 March 2013

This is just from my experience from ultram/tramadol.
I have been taking for about 10 years, currently 50mg 4 x a day.
I do not get any "high" feeling from tramadol, never have as far as I know, perhaps my dosage is too low but that is fine with me as long as it works.

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Cindygarner 12 Feb 2013

I've been on tramadol for a few years due to back pain. At first it made me feel high but eventually it just made the pain ease off. So yea if you take enough you will get high but I wouldn't recommended it. If your just starting I'd stop and find another way to deal with the pain. I wish I'd never started but I stay in pain with my back.

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