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Can tramadol get you high like opiates?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Does tramadol cause a high if abused?

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marjorie zych 17 Sep 2010

Tramadol affects everyone differently just like any other drug but it can make you very tired or groggy as some put it. I never found it to be much help but it does help some people. As with any drug please don't drive until you know for sure how it will act in your body and please don't drink with it it can be a nasty mix if you do. Hope this answers your question and please be careful with any medicine, marjorie zych

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christineATU 17 Sep 2010

Right on the money as usual my friend.

alienated 31 Jan 2012

To answer the question asked, yes tramadol can get you high but in order to get a strong opiate euphoria it would need to be taken in high doses ( not recommended ). Strength wise if oxycodone was ranked an 8, tramadol would rank a 3. Tramadol generic for Ultram is more popular for abuse in Europe than the states.

Delila 17 Sep 2010

Are you asking because you want to try it for this reason? The simple answer is yes, it can give you a high, but as the last person wrote the drug will affect people differently. I wouldn't suggest getting involved in them if you aren't already as they are highly addictive (despite some reports). Generally your body needs to get used to the drug, and you need to get over the feelings of tiredness and nausea before they start acting differently and giving you a 'high'.

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christineATU 17 Sep 2010

Hi Delila. I was prescribed them quite a while ago and it didn't get me "high." But as Marjorie said, everyone reacts differently. And you are absolutely right about them being addictive!

KKaron 18 Jan 2013

I'm a nurse working in a jail! I try to keep up on why inmates are requesting certain drugs, we don't allow any narc here. KK

Inactive 17 Sep 2010

Its a synthetic opiate yes it can give you a high feeling if you take enough of them. But your not going to do that cause it is dangerous in many ways you can #1 most important of all become addicted and its not no joke. When you run out too early and you have been taking them a while your body might shut down without them not a pretty site this is why many many people are on dialysis their kidneys fail. I see kids sometimes (teenagers) come into the dialysis center its very sad because when i do ask sometimes and almost 99% of the time they said it was cause of drug abuse is why they were there. See so to many risks take care friend please make the right choices it might save your life.

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christineATU 17 Sep 2010

hello again mrspage. As you can see I'm finally back with a working PC. It's the seizure risk that scares me the most with this medication!

Inactive 17 Sep 2010

Hello again chris good too hear from you im super glad you have a working PC as well and look forward to once again putting my ass in gear and help as many people as i can with you friend! see you around and thanks again for helping get through my great depression you are a true friend.

christineATU 17 Sep 2010

All good answers you've gotten. Not only is it addicting, when you suddenly stop taking them, there is a high risk of seizures involved. There are many misconceptions about tramadol. It's one of those meds that scares me and doesn't work on pain all that well. And I'm addicted to opiates. So what does that tell you? I need my medications in order to function (somewhat) and even with the narcotics I take, I don't get high from them. They simply help control pain, which is the ONLY purpose of these meds. Of course these are my opinions (except for the addiction and seizure parts) so please consult with your doctor and stay safe!

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luvy298 20 Sep 2010

You are so right christine. I started taking this drug for pain due to a car accident. I started abusing this drug because it made me feel like I was on top of the world. The sad part is that I started abusing them more and more to numb my feelings (14 pills a day for approximately two years). Finally this drug did not make me feel good anymore, I was purchasing it because my body craved it not because I wanted it, but I was so scared to get off of them. Not to mention the amount of money I was wasting weekly. I spent in a month approximately 600.00. I have no health insurance so I had to go cold turkey, which made it even harder. I have been clean now for 13 days after being on them for two years. I would much rather give birth to a child then to go through the withdrawl's of this medication. I have been so sick to my stomach, diarrea, vomiting, restless leg syndrome and bad insomnia. I am so happy that I am off of them, but it has been very hard.

jackfrost5s3s 15 Jun 2012

So im new to this site but i can personally vouch for the bad side dffects of tramadol. I used to take them all the time then one time i took about ten trammies and a few muscle relaxers and about an hour later when i was walking down a 16 set of metal stairs i had a seziure and fell down all the stairs face first and broke my nose, a couple ribs, and worst of all i completely shattered 3 of my top front teeth. Thank god for insurance! Im not saying not to take them to get loaded im just saying b careful u guys.

itsmylife 17 Sep 2010

Not very smart to do but my answer is yes. But it all depends on the person me and my brother we had the same effects ( we got high) on them. My sister on other hand was very tired and they didn't help he function. My mom also is prescribed them and they just help he get threw the day. Anyways yes from personal experiance they can but also put this into mind that when I first started taking them they got me high but I wasn't takin any form of narcotic or drug. After being prescribe pain killers ( vicoden and percocet) I no long got " high " from them.. so it all depends on the person. Also that's was when I only took 2 at once now I'm up to 4 at once and they do not give me that feeling anymore.. I would like to add that they are very addicting. I'm not addicted to them I haven't actually takin them for about 5mos untill this week and started again but smart thing would be not to abuse them and not to take them regularly. Be smart don't ruin you life.

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booter46 20 Sep 2010

great answer--- itsmyfife

jheckrocks 23 Feb 2012

Reading this is reminiscent of that candy flavored snus they have out now. Just for starters. There is an old commercial "Sooner or later it's Copenhagen(the strong stuff). My answer? If you already are used to taking narcotics and or use them already, there is little danger of becoming psychologically habituated. Like myself, they might help with pain for a day or two some, but then the most I would get is malaise or nausea without the pain relief. Perhaps even an attenuated narcotic taker if they were clean for a good while, they might-that is might feels something the first time or two if they used 2 or more. Not much though. If you really have pain why be physically addicted to some synthetic crap that causes seizures and doesn't even work that well? Go for the real Mcoy forget that garbage

booter46 19 Sep 2010

You have had many good answers. Everyone is different but ultram was the first pain killer I ever took for pain. They did get me high like vicodin ect. And sent me down a bad road. Vicodin to loratabs --- 1 at a time -- 2 - 3 -4 -- then oxys then snorting them. Then full blown addiction. Then suboxone and so on. Not to mentionall the $ Just remember FOR PAIN AS NEEDED. Opiates have ruined alot of peoples lifes.

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christineATU 20 Sep 2010

Hey there booter! Now look at itsmylifes answer again. The entire family was prescribed this medication. So many doctors STILL think this medication is a not a narcotic nor addicting! It amazes me the lack of knowledge these doctors have. So many states have already reclassified it as a controlled substance. Don't these doctors get updates on this medication?? At least it isn't a question about OC changing to OP so you don't OD!

Have a good night my friend.

neesyd2thez 13 Jul 2012

Booter, can you tell me more about what you think of soboxone strips? I've been taking them now for about a year to get off my vicoden dependancy and they have helped and while they are pricy as my ins. wont cover them, I'm still saving hundreds a week on not buying vics or lorotabs. Do you think the soboxon are as adictive? I seem to be able to let them go day to day now while my husband needs at least one and half to get buy or he's a raging ass. We've got a good doc and she's helped us a lot, but I don't see him ever letting them go. I hurt my knee last week and am on tramodol an a muscle relaxer called metaxalone (do you know abou the relaxer?) I was just curious if the tramadol will do anything since I soboxone in my system.I'm in a LOT of pain right now! I hate to say it but it's the easiest way to fall off the wagon is to get hurt..I just hate it!!! I want some comfort! Mentally and physically! Thanks for the info..I was up to about 15-20 vics a day so a few tramadal wont hurt I don't think!

stooge755 13 Oct 2011

yes-i used to have a DF118 / Dhc habit years ago & some1 gave me a box o tramadol to ease withdrawals & i got out my face. it can make you feel really queezy though & its not gonna do your liver/kidneys any good at all.

drkatzjr 18 Jan 2012

It is a profound tragedy that Ultram is not a Controlled Drug. Some states, such as Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia..and I think a few others
now do have tramadol Controlled at the CIV level, and I predict more states will follow

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fade2black18420 21 May 2013

Yep here in NY state its considered a controlled substance. Not sure of the level tho

stooge755 30 Nov 2016

Controlled drug in UK now also

Fuctup 21 Jan 2012

Yes, I think they can get you high. I've done most opiates but I've only recently taken tramadol for the first time and I definitely felt a little glow from the prescribed dosage. It will get you high but they're dangerous according to the literature. I mixed them with subies and the mix was definitely a high. I told my doctor to give me something that would work on pain while I'm on suboxone and the pain was better with them. i prefer H but I'm in a testing program.

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tomatogirlshirt 13 Feb 2012

you took tramadol AND suboxone... I thought the nalaxone would put you into withdrawals??

Drakadler 10 Jul 2012

In response to tomatogirl, Narcan does not directly cause withdrawal effects. Nalaxone (Narcan) binds to the opioid receptor making it unaccessable to any and all opioids. The withdrawal effects are caused by the bodies need for the drug. But if there is no chemical dependence (addiction), narcan will not cause major adverse effects.

rockgal81 1 Mar 2012

DON'T TAKE IT TO GET HIGH!!! I've taken opiates before for various injuries, etc, I've never become addicted to them like I did Tramadol. They are a helluva drug to try to come off of once you start taking them! Don't even start or you'll be in for some serious withdrawals!

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jheckrocks 1 Mar 2012

I found out later on that Effexor was similar in structure to Tramadol and I was using Effexor at the time. One thing I am real disgusted with is that the medical community didn't take the Effexor withdrawl that seriously. At this time I use 30 mg of hydrocodone/day. When I stop temporarily the symptoms are mild and not too uncomfortable. The symptoms from stopping Effexor abruptly I think in some ways are comparable to narcotics. Except the psychological is worse. Now I use Pristiq, similiar to Effexor. The same peril can exist if I go more than 36 hours w/o. I still think the narcotics that are closer to natural are safer. One just must prepare to taper down and work closely with your Doctor if you have control issues. I once had a Doctor who was willing to give me a few days to a week medication at a time to help get off them(narcotics) before. -Good Luck-

rockgal81 3 Mar 2012

Is Effexor an ssni? That completely makes sense that it would feel the same as the tram withdrawal. It's a tough road and doctors don't really care about any kind of withdrawal unless it's a narcotic. Everyone is different... different people react to meds in their own way. Why don't they get that?! Our withdrawals are as bad for us as a heroin addict's withdrawals are for them... but because it's "just a regular med", we get no sympathy or help from them! I'm sorry you're going through this, but just keep at it! I'm here if you need to chat! :)

SubJumpin 1 Mar 2012

It makes me mad that people come on here to ask questions about getting "high" this site is used to help ppl. Not for you to see if you can take a ton of tramadol and abuse it. Some ppl actually need tramadol to get through daily life. Thank you have a good day, come again

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rockgal81 3 Mar 2012

It makes me mad as well. This isn't a site to get ideas for what drugs to do, but get support from like minded individuals when we need help! I fully agree with you!

JimmyBones8459 5 Apr 2012

This is just my humble opinion, but I don't think anyone should rely on a substance to get them through daily life. In my long experience with drugs especially opiates I learned that living life on a drug isn't actually living. I am sympathetic toward your situations though contrary to my opinion, but i would rather die then become an addict again.

bmannn 9 Mar 2012

I would like to share something with ya'll. I am a 20 year old college student and was poppin vicodin and tramadol (never together and both of which i was prescribed). i was heavily addicted to both. Well one day my dr gave me 240 tramadol at 50mg each. I was pretty excited but guess what... within 4 days I had a SEIZURE.

I had taken about 15 total within a few hours one day and started feeling dizzy, sweaty, confused, and light-headed. Well, my dad asked me to grab dinner for us so i took my dog with, left, and just i was leaving the drive-thru.. I blacked out. I woke up 15 minutes later in the back of an ambulance and i was absolutely out of mind. I was screaming and fighting the paramedics. Apparently it took 8 people to hold me down! I had blood on my shirt and all over my arm because they couldn't get the IV in because of my aggressive state.

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Inactive 9 Mar 2012

bmann, THANK YOU for posting that! Too many doctors are prescribing tramadol without even knowing what it is becasue the drug co. reps have touted it as non narcotiec pain reliever. BS! Not only does it mix with your bodies chesitry to become opiate like in nature, but also has snri quatlities that can cause seizures,. I preach this to everyone who comes on here about tramadol "oh, I take 600mg a day" etc... please read the link below. ... Mary

tazc23 22 Oct 2012

I also started having seizures after abusing cocktails of Norco/tramadol/lyrica on top of taking Cymbalta. I have sense sopped taking Norco and Lyrica but still used the tramadol. It was after my 3rd seizure that I realized I wasnt supposed to take cymbalta and tramadol ( and now Wellbutrin) in the 1st place... causes Serotonin Syndrome. U have to be very careful on drug interactions.

ex-head 11 Oct 2012

My gf just got some and they make her throat swell up but I got some a couple years ago for my back .

Inactive 22 Oct 2012

If they made her throat swell up she is allergic to something n them & should never ever taek them again. For yourself, if you are taking them to get high, please go back & read my comment above & read the link to tramadol in blue. Just click on it & read it through. they are very addictive, & can cause seizures. have ou not read what these people are saying... Mary

ex-head 22 Oct 2012

No Mary I said I took some in the past for my bk. Did u nit read the comment

mikespad 31 Oct 2012

I have been prescribed Tramadol for almost a year for knee and back pain, the beginning of arthritis the doctor thinks. I don't take them all day long every day now because the pain has subsided quite a bit. I only take it when I'm in pain. I have the 50 MG tab. I did take one every eight hours the first couple of months, per the prescription. I'm allowed to double up on it if the pain persists, after taking one. I've never taken more than 3 at a time. So far I've not had a single problem with it. It helps with headaches too, but plain old Tylenol or aspirin or Aleve works just as well for my headaches. I've never noticed any "high", but maybe that only comes if way too many are taken I guess. I have ranitidine for upset stomach but hardly ever need it.

sicNtird 26 Nov 2012

I have been on pain meds prescribed o just bought them for over 20 year. It started further back when I was 13 for migraines. It was Fioricet. I have taken them for 27 yrs now. Almost 1 yr ago something snapped in me (psych wise)and I am now an amputee. My pain med doc ramped me up to 450 8mg dilaudid (syn morphine) per month, 240 30mg oxy a month. And the list goes on... flexeril, Xanax... ALL AT THE Same time! Six days ago, I stopped flushed it all and am just on the Fioricet and just got some tramadol. I wish I was exaggerating, but I am NOT. Please, anyone with any advice-help me here?

Timmy250 19 Sep 2019

@sicNTird inbox me I know your answer is old but I can help.. I’m recovering as well

Sunny7739 20 Dec 2012

Well, I have been using tramadol for about 4 months now. It works great for my tension headaches which I have had forever. It does no good on the monthly migrane days though. It did make me very "up" the first 2 days I took it. Since then it just takes away my pain and usually puts me in a good mood. I used to take effexor which never put me in a good mood and was really difficult to come off of. The stories I read about getting off of tramadol and the siezures really scares me, so I will try to keep my usage to a minimal.

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Shawty1975 19 Dec 2016

I have a question about tramadol my doctor took me off lortabs and prescribed me them but they are not helping me with my pain. Do I need to take something else with or what? My body is not used to this medicine and I have been taking lortabs for some years. So can someone please help me with this?

Denny Jones 25 Jun 2018

I have had 5 back surgeries, I take tramadol for pain, although i haven’t had any since May, I refilled my script in January, they only 60 tablets, I take Tylenol instead, I do feel that sometimes I am dizzy and tired, is this a result of not having the tramadol free discount card

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