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Does buspar cause weight gain or weight loss?

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Cicadia-322 12 April 2019

I've noticed once I switched from 60mg a day to 30mg, my appetite fluctuates.

I've lowered my dose because 60mg made me feel real drowsy and I lost my appetite.

I've been on 30mg for about a month now and I've noticed I've lost about 20lbs.

During the transition, my anxiety spiked and I was naseus every time I ate food. I can eat normally now but the weight loss is concerning.

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annmckenna 22 April 2018

I started taking 5mg twice daily about a month ago and have noticed that I am eating more than usual. I don’t think I necessarily feel more hungry but when I do eat, I definitely eat more than I usually do and have gained 2 lbs recently. I believe Buspar is decreasing my ability to feel satiated.

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Alex_32 8 Feb 2018

Never been on it so I can’t say, sorry.

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Kerrieburch 7 Feb 2018

I've had no appetite since taking Buspar for over a year and a half

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WildcatVet 19 Dec 2017

Hi! It can go either way but buspirone is considered pretty neutral so changes in weight are uncommon:

Uncommon (0.1% to 1% of users): Weight gain, weight loss"


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goulaisgirl 18 May 2018

I am just starting Buspar today and I am concerned about weight gain, so thank you for this info:) free discount card

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