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Can I take Bentyl for menstrual cramps?

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Tashab1989 25 Feb 2021

yes, you likely won’t get it given to you for that particular reason, however it helps with spasms for smooth muscle like your intestines and therefore does help with menstrual cramping. I cannot take ibuprofen and struggled to find something to allow me to function when I was having bad cramps, after being diagnosed with colitis and IBS I was given bentyl and I quickly realized it also helps with period cramps as well. I pair it with Tylenol when I am having a particularly painful period. I have found some studies of it being used off label for endometriosis and PCOS pain as well.

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Tesatoo 31 Aug 2020

YES. If you have extremely painful cramps that keep you from activities or, like me have you vomiting and moaning all day, then it is a huge relief. I was desperate for something to help. Hot baths, heating pads, hot cocoa and ibuprofen is like putting a bandaid on after your hand has been cutoff. It just can’t keep up.
I have more ER visits and admittance than I can count for uncontrollable vomiting and now this Bentyl is keeping that under control. I’ve found studies that they did for women taking this med off-label for menstrual cramps and their conclusion was Bentyl works even better when used with naproxen for cramps. So, case closed.

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mbarrett1976 25 Aug 2020

I know this is an old question. However, once I read the ridiculous response by Lisa01, I had to chime in. I had endometriosis and had no direction whatsoever. I have two daughters with very, very painful, disruptive periods. They can take Bentyl and it is the ONLY thing that will work once the cramps have started. Sooooo……. not diarrhea, but CRAMPS.

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Itsme429 14 Jan 2020

I think it may work, I have to take dicyclomine during my ovulation (debilitating cramps), for two days. its works. I haven't had to take when I get my period.

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Lisa01 16 April 2019

No, it won't help unless you get diarrhea during your period. Use ibuprofen instead of Tylenol plus a heating pad to relieve the cramps. It won't hurt to take the bentyl, and may help if you're cramps end up upsetting you're stomach. If you get a box of Thermacare pads for back pain, you just turn them around and use on your stomach. They have a Velcro fastener, so you can use them under your clothes.I've done that for years and it really helps when you can't use your heating pad.

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mbarrett1976 25 Aug 2020

That is so silly. It helps both of my daughters.

Lisa01 25 Aug 2020

I'm glad that it helps your daughters. Perhaps my cramps were just too severe to be helped by it. However, on this site when we disagree with each other, we tend to do so in a more courteous fashion. I hope the next time you find conflicting opinions to a question that you'll do so too.

mbarrett1976 25 Aug 2020

Actually, they both have endometriosis as did I. It is literally the only thing that helps, not heating pads or ibuprofen. They roll around on the floor in pain and regularly vomit with theirs.
What I read on your post is that it's for diarrhea and an upset stomach. Not that you had tried it and it didn't help.
It reads on the bottle that it is for SEVERE stomach cramping, we happened to try it in desperation and now it's prescribed "off label".
I think the most respectful thing to do would be to answer the questions you have experience with and not discourage someone from trying something that most definitely can and has helped many others.

Lisa01 25 Aug 2020

You're right, I should listed my experience with dicyclomine as I've taken for more than 35 years. However, the rest of my comment still stands. There are better ways of disagreeing with a post. This is demonstrated by the post after mine. That is the way we respectfully disagree with other members.

Tesatoo 31 Aug 2020

I’m hoping the OP read further than this comment. Your immediate no was not based on the experience of someone who has debilitating cramps and has desperately searched for relief, anywhere.
It sounds to me like u assumed every woman is like you. We are not. For those of us with a condition every month that removes us from life, family, obligations and responsibilities, this medication is very much a YES when it comes to helping menstrual cramps.
Please don’t give definitive negative answers when you are not experiencing the kind of desperation that the OP may have been to come searching for help. Because I know this was discouraging to me when it is actually a very helpful med free discount card

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