Hi... I've been on 3 grains (180 mg) of armour thyroid for about 2 yrs now (taking it all in the morning). Thought I was doing great. Hair was super thick, & lots of energy... sleep wasn't great & pulse rate a little high. Kept me up at night if I took it twice a day & I wouldn't remember. The past 6 months I haven't been able to sleep at all w/o taking Xanax & my hair won't stop falling out. Pulse rate was 80 at midnight last night. I'm a very busy mom & athlete so I wouldn't know what my true heart rate is during the day. Lowered it by 1/2 grain (30 mg) the past 3 days. Still can't fall asleep til around 4 am & mornings are very difficult to get out of bed. I feel wide awake around 2 pm & can feel my heartbeat. I'm thinking about going down another 1/2 grain (30 mg) as my doctor would recommend as she goes by symptoms & blood work. Won't get my thyroid tested til January 15th. I'm thinking to definitely go down to just 2 grains split up morning & noon. Any thoughts?