HELP!! I am really suffering here! I was diagnosed with Graves' disease in 1996. Had to swallow radioactive iodine, which I now deeply regret after learning more. I am now turning 46 years old. I spent 15 years on synthroid which resulted in many negative, intolerable side effects and my quality of life deteriorated. A naturalist doctor convinced me to try Armour. I couldn't stay with that doctor for regulation as she cost $400/visit out of pocket and due to my terrible health, I am now a retired educator on a fixed income. My regular primary care ( who was supposedly an Endocrinologist as well) went ahead and switched me to Armour and placed me on 60mg daily ( pills to swallow, not dissolve- what are those?). She was very uninvolved with my dosing and seemed to be unfamiliar or unfavorable toward Armour. She dropped the meds on me and did nothing else- not even when I had to make an emergency call to her because I literally couldn't move from severe muscle locking. I switched to a new primary care who is patient and returns calls, but who seems very unsure of how to dose me. In the last 2 years being on Armour more and more side effects are occurring and they're unbearable now. My new doctor tried 60 mg alternating with 90 when my numbers said I wasn't getting enough medication. But on 60/90 the blood tests indicated I was getting too much medicine! 60mg alone was giving me leg cramps and "locking" (I couldn't move). My doctor recently tried 75 mg by using a 60mg and a 15 mg together - taken orally as two pills in the morning well before food. My body is in agony! Massive leg cramps and Charlie horses, terribly rapid racing heartbeat, racing thoughts, inability to sleep or concentrate, can't focus, eyes feeling "coated", irritability, irrationality... Pretty much every negative side effect listed for armour thyroid! I should add that for over a year now my monthly cycle has gone wild and each month my breasts swell dramatically as if I'm pregnant and I have several other pregnancy symptoms, as well as bloating and weight gain, that all settle down once my period arrives ( which recently arrived after only two weeks and I am a 28 day cycle regular person). My doc tested for female hormonal changes and found nothing. Not sure what he tested exactly. Feeling pregnant and nauseous and smelling everything x10 and my breasts getting large and sore monthly is AWFUL!!! No I haven't been pregnant/ I've tested just in case.- This doesn't make any sense. None of it! On alternating 60/90mg of Armour my heart raced (indicating too much med). On 60mg my legs cramped (indicating too little med). Added in 15mg to create 75mg and now BOTH things are happening plus many other side effects. Am I allergic to Armour? Could I have a bad batch of meds and does that exist since each pig is different? Are formulations different company to company? Is adding the little 15 mg to the 60 mg a "No -No?" Could the 15mg be a bad batch? What are the dissolvable pills I hear people mention? Have I developed a resistance or reaction to Armour? Someone help please! I can't live like this. My life is virtually stopping because every move I make pulls muscles and my heart is constantly racing as if I'm being attacked and must run for my life. I seem to have conflicting symptoms- meaning I have the side effects of both too much and too little medicine!! Should I try nature-throid which I just heard about yesterday? Something else? Is there a T3 supplement because my former doctor never even offered that to me while I was on synthroid. As stated, she was a very poor doctor. My current doctor is kind but doesn't seem to know how/what to dose. HELP!!