Im a 22 year old female that has been experiencing ibs symptoms for 7 months and this has lead to anxiety which has lead to a bit of weight loss as im anxious to eat properly as i dont want to trigger a flare up. i know there are 2 things that trigger my flare ups but im too scared to eat what i used to incase my bowel doesnt like it. ive been given 10mg amitriptyline to take once a night been on it nearly 2 weeks now . my ibs symptoms have not been as bad but they are still there even though i havent had any trigger foods that i know of. Also i am very tired all the time ... i never get tummy pains or cramps with my flare ups . i will find it hard to have a bm for a couple days and go once in those days then the next couple days i will go 3 times or more and soon after eating if its something i shouldnt have eaten. i have a lot of gas and wind too (sorry if tmi) is it even ibs?! what are your experiences.