... I am on 60 mg of Cymbalta, have been for years and I do believe it helps my depression more than using Wellbutrin alone. I have noticed a very strange reaction if I miss a dose of Cymbalta and would love to know if anyone else has experienced this. When I miss a dose of Cymbalta I have the absolutely most technicolor wild-ass dreams I can imagine. They are the kind of dreams that are near impossible to wake yourself out of, because they seem so very real. I have even experienced this if I take a morning nap and have not taken the Cymbalta. All I can surmise is that the Cymbalta really acts on my brain chemicals in a strong manner. These dreams are never pleasant and they stand out in my mind for days. I don't want to sound like a whiner or a weirdo, but I would really like to know if anyone has had the same experience. I have always tended toward strange dreams (night terrors as a child) so maybe this is a normal variant for me. But sure would love to hear from someone who has the same experiences. Thanks so much!