I started on 150mg on January 9th and it took about 2 1/2 weeks of adjusting to it. I was irritable some days, loss of appetite plus a little motivation but not much. Around 3 weeks I went ahead and started taking 300mg. I felt so good! More motivation and I find my self less irritable and able to think more rationally about things I would have gotten upset about in the past. Overall I feel calm and motivated and can function really well. Until yesterday I woke up with rashes and what look like bug bites but I later found out were probably hives and an allergic reaction. I assumed it from was bed bugs or something so I washed my sheets and pillows and basically quarantined my whole room with lysol and slept in the guest room tonight. This morning i took my 300mg and immediately got itchiness on my wrist. Since I slept in a totally different room tonight I ruled out bed bugs from yesterday and search Wellbutrin side effects, lo and behold, yup they were hives. Anyways, My hives from yesterday are pretty much gone, I had them on my back, eye lids, upper arms, back of ears and foot. Today at this moment they are on the top of my hand and I had brief Itchiness on my wrist which has already faded. Is it possible for me to stay on this medicine seeing as thought my hives from yesterday have gone away and the ones today are pretty mild? Will this blow over? I really like how this medicine has been working for me. I don't want to go back on Adderall.