I do not have high blood pressure, 105/68 is typical. I do not have high cholesterol or high triglycerides either. My resting pulse rate is 48 to 52 beats per minute. However, I did have a heart attack 2 years ago due to a blocked circumferential artery. A stent was placed and I was put on Lipitor. I had another artery that was 40% blocked (anterior descending) that they did nothing to. I have run 2 marathons since my heart attack and have another I am training for 4 weeks from now. I had a follow up with a new doctor and he ran another heart cath on me to check the status of the 40% artery. No stent is needed. However, The new cardiologist wants to put me on metoprolol succinate. Since my heat rate and blood pressure are already low, how can metoprolol succinate help in any way? I have no symptoms. I run 45 to 50 miles each week at 8 minute/mile pace without any issues. I am 59 years old.