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What can I take in addition to naproxen 500 for pain?

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LaurieShay 9 Dec 2012

Only other over the counter pain reliever you should take with naproxen is tylenol. The other options such as ibuprofen or aspirin should not be taken along with the naproxen.

kaismama 9 Dec 2012

If the naproxen isn't helping, then you need to tell the doc about it too.

msjgury 31 Aug 2017

i've been telling the doctors about it for 4 years and they've used me as a guinea pig with other useless prescriptions that don't work and i end up taking them back to the doctor to dispose of.

sisbrown 9 Sep 2018

in this day and age you can tell your Dr. that a pain med does not work until your blue in the face... It's all about PROFIT over care and patience.

Inactive 11 Dec 2012

What kind of pain are you having? Are you taking it daily? More than once a day? What about the dosage? Naproxen can do a really bad number to your digestive system, I hope that you are aware of this!! It can destroy your liver, eat away at your stomach, and cause reflux. Actually, it does more damage than opiods. I hope that you are not taking it daily! It can really hurt you!! Please talk to your doctor about other options, besides Naproxen.

msjgury 31 Aug 2017

I only take it when my back "acts up". The lower back pain is excrutiating!! The doctors have known about it for years and refuse to let me take Valium, which I know for a fact helps my muscles relax. They have tried so many other prescriptions and nothing else has helped, so I am now still stuck with over the counter naproxen. And I HAVE been worried about the liver damage it causes and I DO now have acid reflux, which I have never had before in my life. (64 years old)

Brittnihead 8 Feb 2018

I had a 3 tooth taken out a week ago and I still seem too be haveing pain I really don’t know how long your supposed too have pain after a tooth be taken out I though it been too long they gave me acetaminophen/cod but I don’t like taken thought so I bought ibuprofen to take which only helps for a few hours now I just started taken naproxen but it’s not working any ideas of what I can do too either get rid of the pain or bring the pain down

Samantha Jones 21 Jul 2013

I apolagise as I thought the question was what is equally good for pain relief as well as Naproxen. I already knew that other pain relief such as Asprin or Paracetamol could & can be taken along side Naproxen, as an when required 4 to 6 hourly

msjgury 13 Aug 2013

my doctor told me to absolutely NOT take ibuprofen with the naproxen 500.

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