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I have some naproxen 500 mg tablet with expiration date of1/12/17 could I still take them now?

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Sonialouise81 20 Jan 2020

Iv got some naproxen 500 mg but date it 10/2017 Would they still be ok to take or not

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hawkins54 18 April 2017

Just wondering why your worried, 1/12/17 isn't expired as you still have 8 months till expiry. Go for it. Liss

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ChelleKay 18 April 2017

Hawkinf, 1/12/17 Is 3 months and and a week PAST expiration. That is January 12, 2017. I think you just looked at it in a different way Still, I would use it if needed.

hawkins54 21 April 2017

Sorry, forgot I was talking to America. In Australia we read it the other way round, as being 1st of December, 2017. We do it differently 'down under'. I would still take them, they may not be quite as effective, but shouldn't be harmful. Sorry, Lisa

rabnud88 16 April 2017

My instinctive response (from someone who does take the occasional expired drug) is that taking your Naproxen that's only a little over 3 months beyond expiration date is very likely safe. If you want to be sure, ask your pharmacist, and consider also mentioning to him or her whether you've added or deleted any drugs you took since you dropped the Naproxen.

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chuck1957 15 April 2017

e5 were it me I would say they are 100% good. they have to buffer the dates on this medication because if they pulled one off the shelf even close to the ex-date and it was not full strength they would be in a lot of trouble. but I am very confident that this is just fine.

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