I have recently just switch from 300mg Seroquel and 750mg valproic acid and am now on 10mg Abilify and and the same valproic acid. The Seroquel did wonders at first but really quickly stopped working for me,so we brought the dose down to 150 then I went cold turkey next day to 10mg Abilify. What a horrible night. So on night 2 i went down to 5mg just to bring this up slowly.I haven't been able to sleep in three days . I feel like my whole body is crawling. I take it a 9pm and by 6pm the next day I feel just ok enough to get out of bed . In time for my next pill. My body is hot and cold ,heavy nausea ,and I'm restless ,like my legs and arms need to move constantly. Also my hands are very weak and shaky. I'm wondering is this normal ? Should these side effects subside?I really hope so as I am noticing a difference ,albeit small ,already In my mood and thought process.
Thank you for any help