Yesterday was my 3rd day taking 20mg of Prozac prescribed by the doctor for depression and major anxiety and panic attacks. I am 19 years old. The first day was okay, couldn't sleep well but that's all. 2nd day was good but woke up feeling anxious. Went to the restroom and had a panic attack. Upon awaking I instantly felt anxious, my chest felt really tight and tingly so I hopped in the shower and it went away. 3rd day on Prozac was really good. I had tons of energy and wasn't real anxious during the day but then came night fall. I fell asleep just fine but woke up 1 hour later and had the same symptoms as night 2 but worse. I dont know if this is just a normal side effect and if it will go away but it's really unpleasant and I hope it goes away. Does anyone else expirience this?