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3rd day I taking Prozac... Why am I feeling like this?

Yesterday was my 3rd day taking 20mg of Prozac prescribed by the doctor for depression and major anxiety and... read more

Mirtazapine - Anyone taking Prozac & mirtzapine? I have been on it and I feel great, eating and?

... sleeping. Is this a bad combination? My doctors say that they want to try this med and do far do good but I don't want any surprises. So far... read more

How long Does it take for Paxil to work?

I started Paxil 7 days ago and I am having sever anxiety where I cant even sleep. My doctor prescribe me 10mg of... read more

Anxiety - Did anyone else feel unmotivated/ sleepy on Prozac at first? Does it go away eventually??

Day 5 still not leaving house -_-

Can Ativan cause long term anxiety?

I have had trouble sleeping for years and so my mom asked my doctor for meds to help me sleep. Without consulting me my... read more

When does stamina return?

Just stopped Prozac and was put on Mirtazapine. I’ve lost too much weight due to anxiety. I find that trying to keep up... read more

Can hydroxyzine hcl be used as a sleep aid?

My doctor said that this is used to treat itching and anxiety. My rosacea got out of hand, caused me terrible itching. My... read more

Anxiety - I stopped taking Xanax is there anything I can possibly take to help my withdrawl symptom?

i was taking 2 bars a day and i just stopped cold turkey and not by choice. Im having the worst anxiety ive ever had and dizziness... read more

What is your experience with Trazodone?

Someone please tell me this is mild and safe and tolerable. This is the medication my doctor wants me to try for anxiety,... read more

Will you have withdrawals from stopping 0.5mg of Xanax? It is only taken at bedtime?

My roommate started a new job and she has anxiety issues as do I and I have been giving her a quarter of a 2 mg bar at bedtime to help... read more

Sleep Disorders - Best drugs to treat strong anxiety and OCD-like tendencies -?

... relentless compulsive thoughts. Quick overview: I have dealt with strong anxiety and obsessive thoughts about sleep... read more

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