Hi I have PTSD GAD and bipolar 1, I've been on Prozac 40mg for 2 yrs now and I've had a recent experience that has caused me to suffer ptsd all over again. I was treated for the first episode 9 yrs ago with emdr which worked well. Now this particular incident has to do with work and now I'm finding myself experiencing major depression. I cry alot and feel like my world is falling apart. I fight the depression but im scared i wont be able to fight the battle for long. I'm becoming more and more exhausted. Sleeping long hours and feeling week during the day. My NP added ability three days ago 2mg which I took the first day in the morning and I was extremely exhausted all day. I have taken it at night for the passed two nights now and I'm finding it causes restless sleeps/insomnia nausea and dull headache. I still find myself wanting to be isolated although I do have a but more energy but I'm not sure I like it. My np also mentioned maybe trying Vyvanse. Any thoughts? My urge to sleep all day has gotten better but I wonder if Vyvanse would be worth trying